Photos: How Kivu Fest went down

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It’s a busy evening last Friday when people from all the corners were on board coming to Rubavu town for both the weekend and holidays but also music revelers eagerly waiting for the Kivu Fest concert.

The annual festival takes place at Kivu Public Beach at the shores of Lake Kivu in Rubavu district for two days.

On Saturday evening, around 6:00pm, the show was supposed to get started but it was delayed for a couple of hours as people kept coming in small numbers.

Joints of drinks and food were provided to those who managed to respect the calendar as well as listening, dancing to the mix by variety DJs like DJ Tyga.

Around 11:50pm, the mood changed when Singer Chriss Easy  showed up on the stage in one of his hit songs, ‘Amashu’ followed by ‘Inana’ which is a favourite in the local night clubs especially by youth.

He electrified the stage until 12:33am when Kenny Sol came in with ‘Haso’, then ‘Say My Name’.

Despite facing some challenges of sound system, turn on and off, his music fans never gave in-they did not discourage him at all.

The audience welcomed the two local artists including foreigners and people from Western African countries like Togo as well as the neighboring DR Congo citizens.

At around 12.50am, the concert was called off by Police over late hours as organizers responded to music lovers who were impatiently complaining for early closing the concert.

No official comment was made to the media but the area is a place for main hotels in the town which are, of course, near Rubavu Public Beach.

On Sunday, which was the second day for Kivu Fest, many people did not show up at large until 1:00 am when Kivumbi came on stage.

From 6:00 pm until Kivumbi’s performance, it was DJs’ moment for mix, and party goers looked bored but enthusiastically waiting for the South African music duo Blaq Diamond who never came on stage as they did not make it for their flight.

Performing Namumena, Amaso, Nana, and Yampaye, Kivumbi left the stage and everyone called it a day unhappy.

He is also performing Today 3 for celebration of Liberation Day’s concert along with Ariel Waz at the beach, as well, The New Times has leant.








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