Nyabihu: Youth warned against drug abuse

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Rwanda Youth Clubs for Peace (RYCLUPO) has warned youth in Nyabihu district against drug abuse through sports activities.

The local non-profit organization based in Nyabihu district in Western Province carries out sports activities aimed at raising talents in young people as well as promoting peace and fighting against drug abuse.

Through a previous tournament concluded on 3rd April 2022, the organization prepared during school holidays, youth were urged to know how dangerous drugs are, and advised to take the message back to their respective communities.

Speaking at the awarding ceremony for finals, founder Mr Ladislas Yassin Nkundabanyanga said that the tournament helps the school children enrich their talents and get busy as well as use their free time accordingly.

“It helps both boys and girls take their talent to another stage. And it’s an opportunity [for them] to get to know the dangers and risks of drug abuse among other youth based issues. We also urge them to concentrate on their studies, revise while they are on their holiday, and get occupied by sports rather than walking in the streets.” Nkundabanyanga told local media at the awarding event held at Jenda football ground.

Ingabire Zan, a teen mother, was amongst the youth whose team was awarded. She claims the organization helped her go back to school.

“I was impregnated and became hopeless. With this NGO, I am now at school and call upon whoever feels desperate to think twice and start afresh for their future.” She said

The tournaments run in the sectors of Jenda, Kabatwa and Bigogwe of Nyabihu district nearby Gisenyi town in Rubavu district, Western Province, where street children are still seen and used in carrying goods and drug trafficking, according to Rwanda National Police (RNP).

“Some of them are young to engage in hectic activities, and this amounts to child labour. People should be mindful of their age when employing casual workers to avoid committing crimes.” SP Bonaventure Twizere Karekezi, the Police spokesperson for the Western region, warned



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