Rwanda’s best tourism destinations in 2023

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Rwanda ranked seventh Top 21 Destinations in 2021 by Forbes due to its amazing touristic areas a lot of people ‘won’t able to explain or simply put in words’.

President of The Stein Collective, Judy Stein, claimed that “Rwanda is a destination that is hard to describe and put into words simply because it’s one of the special places in the world where you feel emotionally attached to the land, the people and nature.”

Here are the best areas:

National Parks

Volcanoes National Park - Wikipedia

Rwanda’s mountain gorillas are well known as one of the best touristic area globally which attract a lot of tourists over years and generation to come. Gorillas are found in Rwanda volcanic national park locally named as ‘Ibirunga’.

Akagera National Park in Western province and Nyungwe natural forest are as well more destinations with fascinating and beauty whoever gets in Rwanda desire to visit.

Nyungwe Canopy Walkway

Visit Rwanda – Discover the Land of a Thousand Hills
Nyungwe National Park’s canopy walkway/Photo: RDB

Found in Nyungwe National Park, the canopy walkway has been one of the top Rwanda’s touristic areas and ranked among top best destinations to visit due to its attractiveness of treetops and wildlife.

Visitors always experience and see countless butterflies, orchids and colorful birds.

The Nyungwe forest canopy walkway is 160m long and 70m high suspension bridge accessible as part of a guided tour.

Kigali city

A view of Kigali City center/Photo: Wilderness explorers

Kigali city, the capital city of a thousand-hills country, Rwanda, is located in the center of the country since was established as a trade center around 1895 by  German colonial. It became the capital upon Rwanda’s independence in 1962.

With a current 1.6 million population, Kigali is the largest city in Rwanda followed by its second cities: Musanze in Northen, Rubavu and Rusizi in Western,  Ntagatare ff East, Huye and Muhanga  ans Huye in Southern.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu - Rwanda holidays - Steppes Travel

Having the biggest sand beach and Methane Gas which is being exploited for the seek of energy, Lake Kive is also a tourism destination where people come from all the corners of the country to enjoy the flesh water.

Recall, Lake Kivu lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda as the sixth African Great Lakes.

Serena Hotel, bars: Lake Side, Little Paris Beach are among others places found at the shoes of Lake Kivu.

Rwanda Ethnographic Museum

Rwanda Ethnographic Museum /photo: Visit Rwanda

Rwanda’s Ethnographic Museum locally known as Inzu ndangamurage is a national museum located in Huye commonly known as Butare.

Built with help of the Belgian government and opened in 1989, this ethnographic museum is taken as a good source of information on Rwandan culture and history including Kings.


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