Inside El Classico Beach, a booming Resto & Bar in Gisenyi

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El Classico Beach also known as Chez West, is a bar and restaurant situated at the shores of Lake Kivu in Rubavu District, Western Province.

Gisenyi town is much known for its Lake Kivu, the sixth largest lake in Africa, for its fresh water and beach that attract tourists at large.

Here, a lot of people countrywide come for Lake Kivu which lies between Rwanda and Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC) as one of tourism destinations in Rwanda.

There are a couple of hotels, restaurants and cafés nearby including El Classico Beach.

It is booming here as a lot of people are coming dramatically in week-ends, most coming for fish.

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Eating fish at this spot is becoming common to many people due to its ‘Eat Fish Program’ translated locally as ‘Tamira Ifi Munyarwanda’, where you buy a fish and get a double.

A grilled fish here costs Rwf 6000 but is served as two fish.

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Have a look!

A grilled fish costs Rwf 6000
Clients also experience boat riding
A lot of people come here for ‘Tamira Ifi Munyarwanda
Fish is well grilled
Different recipes are also available


  1. This is a really good place to visit in Rubavu. I once went there, and I enjoyed their good and quick service. They are really professional when it comes to time management and smartness in what they do.

  2. Aha hantu man ndahazi. Bagira inkoko nziza bya hatari. Ahubwo niba hari utarajyayo namubwira ko yacitswe byinshi.

  3. I was at this placae last month, I feel like I want to come back before the end of this year because their service was wonderful to me.


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