Rwanda awarded for ‘Green City Kigali’ project

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Rwanda has been awarded for green transport investment and the Green City Kigali project at the 28th UN Climate Change Conference, COP28, in Dubai.

The awards are divided into two categories, with other African countries also receiving awards in various categories.

They include one dedicated to President Paul Kagame as the ‘Presidential Transport Investment Statesman of the Year’ among other ‘Presidential Climate Investment Statesman of the Year’ winners.

The second award dubbed ‘Best Financeable City Initiative of the Year’ was given to the Green City Kigali project. The green transport award was received by John Mirenge, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to the UAE on behalf of President Kagame, while the award to the Green City Kigali project was received by Teddy Mugabo, the CEO of Rwanda Green Fund.

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Rwanda is implementing different initiatives in greening transport by investing in electric vehicles and greening the new international airport being constructed in Bugesera District.

The airport will be connected to the regional Rusumo hydroelectric power plant slated to be inaugurated by the end of 2023 as a way to promote the use of renewable energy.

The airport’s greening process also comprises energy saving, water conservation, waste management and material efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and green transportation within the airport, among others.

$900m needed for adoption of electric vehicles

Rwanda’s priorities being highlighted at COP28 include electric vehicles and financing for their adoption.

Achieving full adoption of electric vehicles and related solutions in Rwanda will require up to $900 million, and is one of the projects that will help Rwanda reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 38 per cent in 2030.

To accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle transportation, incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles and electric motorcycles to pay an import duty rate of zero will be extended.

Energy costs were reduced for electric vehicle charging stations. Rwanda also exempted import and excise duties on electric vehicles, spare parts, batteries, and charging station equipment. The incentives also include zero-rated Value Added Tax (VAT) for electric vehicles, spare parts, batteries, and charging station equipment.

The adoption of electric vehicles in the country will also be facilitated by providing rent-free land for charging stations on government-owned land, further reducing the cost of setup and maintenance.

Rwanda seeks to convert 20 per cent of its public transportation to electric vehicles by 2030. The target, according to the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), will reduce 72,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

In June, the Government of Rwanda and Vivo Energy signed a deal that aims to introduce more than 200 electric buses in the country, marking a significant step towards sustainable mobility.

According to The New Times, City of Kigali Mayor Pudence Rubingisa who also attended COP28 on Tuesday, December 5, disclosed that more investors in green public transport are expected.

“The promising projects for green public transport are increasing in the City of Kigali, I can give an example of the ever-large electric bus project (BASIGO) which will be launched next week. Those buses can carry 70 passengers and the company is planning to set an assembling point in Kigali,” he said.

He added: “We engaged different stakeholders’ government and private institutions to increase infrastructure, for example, charging stations for electric cars, and building assembling plants for electric cars.”

Green City Kigali project

Rwanda is implementing the Green City Kigali project. The comprehensive project aims to create a model community spanning 600 hectares in the Kinyinya hill area.

Speaking after receiving the award, Mugabo said the project is developing affordable and sustainable real estate.

The government has dedicated 14.4 hectares of land to Green City Kigali Company (GCKC), a state-owned enterprise, for the construction of 2,000 ‘green homes’ through a public-private partnership under the project.

This Green City will have an integrated transport system that will allow people to use any means of transport at a very minimum distance


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