I’m Kagame Not Cruel, Tyrant’ – President Kagame

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President Paul Kagame has rejected the trumped-up image imposed on him and his character by a few members of Western Press who take advantage of influence and the reach of their media platforms.

President Paul Kagame was responding to a set of questions from a foreign journalist who inquired from the Rwandan leader about his opinion of his critics who portray him as a cruel, bloodthirsty tyrant.

“You can’t be bad to that extent and hide it. It is difficult, there is a moment when it betrays you. But once it has not come out, you register the feeling, and description to the people who have to deal with you,” Kagame said.

Kagame blamed the Western press for advancing this flawed image, “The press is full of individuals but these don’t add up to a population as big as Rwanda. These few press people cannot be the right ones but only take advantage of the platform they have.”

“The Kagame you see whether you like him or not, is going to be there anyway. I live my life whether you like me or not. I have my views and have to express them. I don’t owe my life to any individual or country. For somebody to have powers over me is not possible,” Kagame added during a press conference in the capital Kigali on Monday.

In the Western press, some things were said about Rwanda 30 years ago and are still being written in the press as though nothing has since changed.

For example, the poverty in Rwanda 30 years ago is not the same today.

Foreign Journalist with mic asks President Kagame why he is portrayed in western media as cruel person who doesn’t wear a smile

President Kagame who has been portrayed as not ever wearing a smile said he has been working on that aspect.

“For the smile, I have been trying to change even though many years ago there was nothing to smile about. The situation at that time was maybe like that. You can’t be in a heap of dirt and pretend everything is ok around me,” Kagame added.

“I have even grown grey hair and very soon I may become bald. That time I looked different many years ago and the press may not have liked my looks,” He noted.

He emphasised, “I’m the person you see before you. What you see is what you get. My deeds and my words tend to relate. But my looks may differ. But in any case, isn’t the description of looks also subjective? some people see me as a terrible person, and there may be others who may see me differently.”



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