Rwandan tycoon Rujugiro dies at 82

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Rwandan tycoon Ayabatwa Tribert Rujugiro has died aged 82, reports of his death emerged on Wednesday, April 17.

There has been no more details about his death by the time of publication of this story.

About Rujugiro

Industrialist and entrepreneur Tribert Rujugiro had almost a decade ago retired from management of his business empire and handing it over to his his sons and son-in-law.

Paul Nkwaya, Ayabatwa’s eldest son, serves as the Pan African Tobacco Group’s marketing director, while his youngest son Richard Rujugiro serves as technical director. Son-in-law Serge Huggenberger serves as the financial director.

Rujugiro has not been involved in day to day operations of his business empire but has been advising his sons and son-in-law on company management

The Pan African Tobacco Group and the other companies Rujugiro founded operate in 10 countries and trade in 27 countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Combined, Rujugiro’s companies employ 26,000 people who in turn support at least 182,000- in Sub-Saharan Africa, each employee supports at least seven people.

From South Africa and the United Arab Emirates to Angola and Tanzania, Ayabatwa companies manufacture cement, tea, plastic shoes, beer, snack foods and cigarettes.

“My goal was never about making money; it was about building something up, creating something,” Rujugiro said ten years ago before retiring. “That is what I tried to accomplish and that is the legacy I leave to my sons and son-in-law.


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