OMG! Man killed over Rwf 50

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A-33-year old young man from Western province of Rwanda in Rubavu district is on the run over killing his colleague fighting for Rwf 50.

The man who was identified as Jean Pierre Dusabimana is a resident from Rurembo village in Rubona, Nyamyumba Sector.

Dusabimana  is reportedly to have kicked the deceased Nsabimana Jacques who later died after quarrelling for rwf 50.

Locals here claim they worked for Rwf 1000 which was supposed to be shared by four persons.

Reports, however, say Dusabimana quarrelled for Rwf 150 which he wanted to take it away and immediately beat one of his colleagues by kicks.

“It was on Saturday when they were given something to work for Rwf 1000 where every one’s share was 250. By completion, they started getting their shares. Unfortunately, one [the suspect] decided to get the remaining 150 which his colleagues did not agree with. He kicked his neighbours, and one fell down; they thought it was normal until they came to know he was dead.” one of his neighbours narrated.

Gasarasi Aimable , the village chief confirmed the death of the deceased, claiming the suspect is on the run.

The suspect is also accused of having beaten his brother from his step-mother who is now at the hospital ill.

There have been several brutality cases reported in Rubavu district which some resulted in death over family problems, robbery among other related crimes.


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