Rubavu town seeks to address road accidents

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The district of Rubavu has pledged to address car accidents which claimed several lives of people by traffic entering the town.

This comes after a couple accidents happened mainly caused by cargo trucks.

The dreadly spot where accidents killed several people is the slippery road that starts from Cyanika to the main roundabout near Gisenyi Hospital.

Most accidents here involved fuel trucks, cargo cars against public buses and private cars as a result of losing control or overspending.

Speaking to Kigali Up, Ildephonse Kambogo, The mayor of Rubavu district, unveiled that there are different projects aimed at addressing the accidents which have been happening for several times.

Bypass roads

Mayor Kambogo says bypass roads are a long solution towards trucks frequently causing accidents here.

“Accidents have been happening due to over speeding, though there are sign posts warning of dangers. We are working on bypass roads which are not speedy compared to the one leading to accidents. We believe that if trucks are diverted to this bypass, small vehicles will move freely and reduce accidents considerably.” he said

Adding that “Rugerero-Byahi [bypass road] will be the strongest and the best answer for trucks which have been the most causing these accidents.”

He further explains that there is also a plan for establishing and adding more humps to most risky areas so as to decrease over speeding.

“Putting humps will minimize high speed. There are also ongoing projects for roundabouts.” Kambogo noted in an exclusive interview with Kigali Up

The 9.5 km long bypass road which is under construction, Rugerero-Byahi, will be a long lasting solution, according to Kambogo, in decreasing accidents.

Trucks will be diverted here so as to reduce high traffic while entering town.

Relocation of Gisenyi Hospital

Despite accidents killing people, there have been damages that have happened several times at Gisenyi Hospital, the district seeks to end.

“Another project is relocating infrastructures along the road including Gisenyi Hospital to avoid further damage. So, the relocation of the hospital is another option and once the project is completed, it will be another solution to avoid any other damage from accidents.” he noted

According to the 2022/2003 fiscal year, there are over Rwf 16 billion allocated for transport and over 200 million for urbanization and rural development.

Presently, around the town, roads are being paved and more planned according to the 2022-2023 allocated money from the budget.

The district budget for the present fiscal year is over Rwf 43 Billion making Rubavu the first district with the biggest budget after Kigali City.


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