Strange but true! Family with home in Uganda, kitchen in DR Congo worried

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It may sound weird to hear that a family owns their home on Uganda side while a kitchen is a few meters away in DR Congo, but it’s a true story.

The family, in question, belongs to John Kimoli who openly explains how he came to find himself in such a rare situation- to know that his one house is built on the DR Congo side while his main house is in Uganda.

“I cook from [DR] Congo and sleep in Uganda,” says Kimoli with a smiling face.

The story of old Kimoli was unveiled during a touring-study organized by Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC), where six journalists  toured the two countries’ border at Bwindi National Park, on Uganda side.

They included the Kigali Up’s Germain Nsanzimana whose many reports about the tour are published on IBISHYA TV.

The old Kimoli says he obtained the land from his parents claiming that the land belonged to their ancestors many years ago before the border between the two countries was cleared.

Kimoli and his wife pictured in front of their home

The border was successfully cleared in 2019 where pillars separating the two countries were installed.

His wife, Irene Tindiweji who speaks merely the local language, also narrates the same story.

According to their neighbors, the Ugandan government plans to relocate the family with a few other families who stay in the area.

Watch out the video!


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