Tourists killed in Uganda named

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Two tourists and a guide were, on Tuesday, killed by suspected ADF rebels in Uganda while on tour.

The trio include a UK citizen, a South African citizen and Ugandan (driver) who were touring Queen Elizabeth National Park and attacked by a suspected ADF-a linked Islamic State rebel group based in DR Congo.

“The three were killed, and their safari vehicle burnt,” Mr Enanga, Uganda Police Spokesman, said in a post on X.

In a statement, the Uganda Wildlife Authority said: “We regret to report that all three individuals were attacked today evening and killed by unknown assailants, who also set their vehicle ablaze.

“The deceased, whose names are withheld, include a Ugandan, a UK citizen and a South African citizen.”

The group was travelling with a local tour company, the statement added.

Rebels from ADF have previously carried out attacks in the area and across the border in Congo where they have bases.

Last week, ADF fighters killed at least one man and injured another when they ambushed a truck in western Uganda.


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