RDF Chief Mubarakh promoted to four-star General

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The Chief of Defence Staff of the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Mubarakh Muganga was on Wednesday, December 20, promoted to a four-star General.

The promotion by President Paul Kagame, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwanda Defence Force, was announced a day after the President also promoted RDF personnel including four senior officers promoted from the rank of Brigadier General to Major General.

History was also made, on December 19, when seven women were promoted to the rank of full Colonel, for the very first time.

RDF Chief Mubarakh promoted to four-star General
RDF Chief Mubarakh promoted to four-star General

The first Rwandan women to ever make it to this rank are Colonels Betty Dukuze, who serves at the RDF General Headquarters; Belina Kayirangwa, who is at RDF Headquarters (J3); Séraphine Nyirasafari at the Ministry of Defence; Marie-Claire Muragijimana, who serves at the Engineer Brigade; Lydia Bagwaneza of the Republican Guard; Lausanne Ingabire, who is based at the RDF Command and Staff College in Musanze District; and Stella Uwineza, who serves in the Airforce.

The officers promoted from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier General were 17.

The new Brigadier Generals are Bertin Mukasa Cyubahiro, Jean-Paul Bitega, Nelson Rwigema, Albert Rugambwa, Déo Rusanganwa, Jean-Paul Karangwa, Cooper Mike Mujuni, David Ngarambe, Franco Rutagengwa, Théodomire Bahizi, Célestin Kanyamahanga, Adolphe Simbizi, Jean-Paul Nyirubutama, Jules Rwirangira, Faustin Tinka, Jean-Chrysostome Ngendahimana, and Frédéric Itangayenda.


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