Who is RDF Chief Mubarakh promoted to full General?

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The Chief of Defence Staff of the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Mubarakh Muganga is now a full General following his promotion on Wednesday, December 20 by President Paul Kagame who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwanda Defence Force.

According to RDF’s website, Gen Mubarakh held different positions at Rwanda Defence Force and did a variety of military training beside his academic background.


General MK MUBARAKH  was born in 1967 and was appointed the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) on 05 June 2023.

Prior to that, he had been serving as RDF Army Chief of Staff. With more than 30 years in the military, Lieutenant General MK MUBARAKH has been 4 Div Commander from 2008-2012, 3 Div Commander from 2013-2015, 1 Div Commander from 2016-2021 (and the Armed Forces Shop Board of Directors Chairman).

General MK MUBARAKH holds a Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Public Administration.

His military courses include, Cadet Officer Course, held 1988-1989 Long, Jinja, Uganda; Grade 3 Staff Course, held at CSC Nyakinama, Rwanda; Command and Staff Course, held in 2005 at the Defence Services Command and Staff College, in Zambia; Defense and Strategic Studies, held 2012, at the National Defense University of PLA, China; Managing Defence in a Democracy Course, held 2006, at Peace Support Training Centre, Karen, Kenya; International Peace Support Operations, Senior Mission Leaders Course, held 2007, at Peace Support Training Centre, Kenya; International Symposium Course, held 2007, at National University of China; African Strategy Course, held 2008, at Nasser Higher Military Academy, High War College-Cairo, Egypt; Leadership Science & Strategic Management, held 2012, at Tsinghua University, China; African Cooperation for Decision Maker Course, held 2016, in Egypt.

General MK MUBARAKH is a recipient of the following awards; National Liberation Medal, Campaign against Genocide Medal, Foreign Campaign Medal, Presidential Inauguration Medal; Combat Action Ribbon, Combat Service Ribbon, Community Service Ribbon.


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