RDF denies supporting M23 in Congo

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Rwanda Defence Force has issued announcement denying involvement and supporting in M23 attack in DRC.

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The Rwanda Defence Force is neither involved in nor supports any activities of the ex-M23 armed group.

It has been reported that an armed group believed to be ex-M23 rebels, on Sunday evening 7 November 2021, crossed into DRC from Ugandan territory where it is based, and attacked and occupied the villages of Tshanzu and Runyoni.

The ex-M23 group in question did not seek refuge in Rwanda during their retreat from DRC in 2013, but has been based in Uganda, from where this attack originated, and to where the armed group retreated.

Any reports, in the media or by officials in the region, that the ex-M23 armed group originated from or retreated to Rwanda, is propaganda aimed at undermining the good relations between Rwanda and DRC.



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