How to reduce data usage on PC, here is a trick

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I have been experiencing unusual data usage on my laptop where my internet could be used so quickly than I expect it till I do not even finish my work.

Can you imagine using more than 1GB for sending an email; it is very frustrating, for sure. This has been happening to even my friend, and he has had no idea what was going on.

For those ones using window 10, there are some window updates that run once your laptop is connected to WIFI.

It always happens when it is even connected to your smart phone Wi-Fi via hotspot, so if you have been or ever experienced the same problem; here is the answer and the only trick to help you save your bundles when you do not have enough bundles.

1. Check ‘window updates’ to see if something is running in the background

Through the Window update, you will see ‘Updates are available’. They are run once your computer is connected.

2. Turn on ‘Battery Saver’

This is the only trick and the only answer for saving your internet and helping your data run slowly.

Once it is turned on, your laptop will tell you that updates will continue when it is off. This is the only way you can do your job when data is not running quickly.

“Battery Saver is turned on, so we’ve paused downloads. We’ll start downloading again when Battery Saver is turned off,” it will tell.

But, most importantly, make sure your window defender is updated and remember checking updates if connected to strong WIFI for the safety of your laptop.


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