Rwandan Laika confirms being in love with Harmonize

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Rwandan lady named Laika Umuhoza has revealed that she is in love with Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize.

The development comes after Harmonize had been reportedly being in love with Kirenga Phiona known as Yolo The Queen.

Harmonize also appeared proudly with Laika dancing to Laika’s ‘Nzuuno’ and they also went viral as they both showed off similar tattoos.

In an interview with Uganda local media, the rising Ugandan music star announced that she and Harmonize are in good relationship.

He said, “For now, everything is possible but he and I are best friends. I don’t see anything wrong with him and I’m really happy with our relationship.”

The 26-year-old Umuhoza Laika is the daughter of a family of musicians such as Alpha Rwirangira and their cousin AY, a famous Tanzanian rapper.

She is a singer who has been in the music scene for three years and is known for her songs, Love Story, Netwalira, Overdose and Nzuuno which she recently released.


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