Interior Minister tips border community on security

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The Minister of Interior, Alfred Gasana, has urged communities near the border with Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) to embrace the culture of maintaining their safety.

Minister Gasana made the remarks while speaking to residents of Rubavu district recenlty during the awarding ceremony for best performances in a month-long campaign on security, sanitation and fighting against stunting launched on November 22 across the country.

He said: “When there is insecurity, everything else is impossible, we cannot achieve security without a role as a citizen,” he stated. Adding that, “maintaining our safety should be in our culture rather than being advised or being directed, yet, we’re thankful of your contribution in maintaining security.”

Speaking on border security, Minister Gasana said that the border community should not worry about DR Congo which always wanted to attack Rwanda, urging everyone to share information about the enemy, timely.

“Activities for maintaining security continue, you should know that if we work together and maintain our security, it will not work for our neighbors who always wanted to attack Rwanda, what they say will end at the border. It cannot get in the country because sharing information on time is helpful in maintaining safety. They cannot destabilize our security.”  he added.

For Mayor of Rusizi district, Dr Anicet Kibiriga, the local community always works hand in hand with security forces as well as through ‘Tujyanemo’.

“Maintaining security is connected with working with our population through ‘Tujyanemo’ where everyone keeps an eye for their neighbor and works with security personnel closely,” he noted.

Rubavu residents including Sibomana Karuhije and Merita Mukeshimana, appreciated the one-month long campaign  as they worked closely with local authorities.

“We have learnt that we should work with authorities in information sharing when someone crosses into Rwanda,” Mukeshimana said.


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