RDF dismisses attacking DR Congo in North Kivu

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The Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) has rejected the accusations by DR Congo’s national army which said Rwanda entered its territory, attacking in North Kivu.

The development comes out when the bilateral relationship continues to remain as cold as ice between Rwanda and DR Congo.

According to the announcement released today by RDF said “is falsely accused of carrying out an invasion” into North Kivu.

“Accusations are baseless and part of a long-standing pattern of misinformation and propaganda by the DRC leadership to divert attention from their internal failures in maintaining peace and security within their own borders, while continuing to support, arm and fight alongside the genocidal militia FDLR,” the announcement reads in a part.

It adds that, “the RDF notes the continued trend of false accusations and escalation, which may serve as a pretext for a planned attack by the FARDC/FDLR on Rwandan territory.”

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) made the accusations on 27 July 2023.

RDF denies supporting M23 in Congo


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